How to make a two colour satin rose (1)

Materials Required
Red colour satin ribbon  - 10 Inch
Gold colour - 10 inch length

Take the two ribbons and place on top of another
Make a rose with the instructions from the video

Rangoli Design with Glass Paints (1)

Materials Required
OHP sheets
Gold Glitter tube
Water based Glass Colours
Glitter powder

Draw the design on the sheet
Apply the outline with the glitter tube
Let it dry
Apply glass colours
let it dry
Put the glitter Powder on the design
Make all the pieces
Decorate on the floor as a rangoli design

How to make a Kundan Stone Flower(1)

Materials required

Kundan stones the required size
Stocking wires
Green Tape
Plain Thick wire for the centre

Pass the thick plain wire through the centre red stone
Pass the Gold stocking wires to the other stones
Tie the petal stones to the round stone with the thread
Tie tightly
Apply green tape 
pull the tape and stick round the stem till the end
Make more flowers to make a bouquet

Shading Two Colours (1)

Materials Required are
Cloth Washed and Ironed
Round Brush - 4
Fevicryl Fabric Colours

Draw a design on the cloth
Wash the brush and dab on a cloth to remove excess water
take one colour and apply strokes
wash the brush and dry with a cloth
apply another cloth and shade the both
Complete the Design

How to make a gold flower garland (1)

Materials required are

Gold Beads
Gold Flowers

Take the needle with thread  with the required size  
and pass through the beads and flowers to form the 
Decor the Photos or Idols

Madhubani Painting (1)

Materials Required

White Handmade Sheet
Madhubani design
Marker pen
Camlin Transparent Photo colours

Draw the madhubani design on the white sheet
Apply marker pen all over the design
Let it Dry
Apply photo colours with the brush
Let it Dry
Then Frame it to make a wall hanger